Irish Lane Kennel. Home raised puppies from happy, healthy dog parents in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have non shed, low shed & hypoallergenic small puppy. Shih Tzu, Bichon, Shinese crosses. Minature American Shepherd puppy. Large puppies too Doodles & AKC Australian Shepherds. Car delivery can be arranged to Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota & Nebraska. Flight nanny services too. 

Click the puppy tab for available puppies. If you're ready to adopt click the puppy adoption tab for more information. We are located on the eastern side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in Linn County.

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Phone: 563-289-7877


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Video ~ All about the Shih Tzu!


Phone: 563-289-7877

We are a small family operation with 40 years of breeding, showing and training experience. We are devoted to raising the healthiest and best socialized pet puppy possible. Our adult dogs have free range in our yards and home everyday.  None of our dogs spends their lives just living in a kennel. They get to socialize, run, play, fetch and our herding dogs even work. Everyone is groomed and vetted on a regular schedule. 

*Zuchon is Shih Tzu/Bichon mix aka Shishon or Teddy Bear :) usually under 20 pounds when grown and non shedding.

* Shichis are Shih Tzu/Chihuahua coats vary between smooth and long. These are smaller with loving but spunky personalities. 

Aussiedoodles are Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix.

Irish Lane Kennel Non shedding small, teacup, toy, mini low shed, non shed, hypoallergenic puppy for adoption ~Shih Tzu, Bichon, Peke mix, Shishon , Teddy Bear,  mini, toy and teacup, imperial,. Miniature American Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Minnesota, Iowa City, Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa, Moline, Illinois, Peoria, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Omaha, Nebraska

Mailing address: Irish Lane Kennels ~ PO BOX 251~ Mount Vernon, Iowa  ~

Friendly Pets

Well trained and well socialized dogs make the best forever friends. Learn more here. 

Keep them healthy

A top quality diet will help with potty training and ensure a long, healthy  life. Buy the best dog food you can reasonably afford and make sure to do regular veterinary visits.

Never punish your puppy harshly for potty issues or chewing stuff the first several weeks you have them. Redirect the behavior. Save the scolding for when they are older. Patience pays off !